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Green Coffee Beans' Samples

Sample of green coffee beans from the most impeccable coffee cherries of Yemen. 


We are currently adding roasters and coffee buyers to our list for samples of unroasted coffee beans. These samples are delicately grown at staggeringly high elevations of up to 3500 masl. 


The samples we're offering from our 2021 season have arrived, let us know if you're interested in being added to our list for samples.


We are also offering discounts on our previous seasons' coffee lots to make space for the new coffee arriving. The available coffees are Thamar and Alturbah. Below are the flavor keynotes that embody these vibrant and sweet coffees. Be sure not to miss out on trying these coffee beans!

(Please contact us for inquiry). 


Flavor notes of lots from the '20 harvest:

Shu'uba- Dark chocolate, brown spice, caramelized (89 pts) - SOLD OUT

Thamar- Jasmine, orange, honey (86.25 pts)

Alturbah - Cardamon, roasted nuts, cocoa

NEW Harvest (2021) Coffees:

Lot 1: Dried Figs and dates, Jasmine, Rose, Black Tea

Lot 17: Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Graham Crackers

Our sample sizes ( for inquiry, please c
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