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Our Story

Travel back in time with us.

Our story goes back to the origins, of the first brewed cup of coffee. It is believed that the first cup of coffee was brewed by a monk in Yemen. Around the 15th century, Sufi monasteries of Yemen began brewing coffee beans to keep them awake for longer periods to observe prayers. As the methods began spreading to Mecca and Cairo through the port of Mokha, the cultivation and trade of coffee beans soon ignited in the Arabian Peninsula. Coffee was later on named " Wine of the Arabs." In the 17th century, coffee was introduced to Europe and from then on, coffee became a global drink. Fast forward about 550 years later, two women from the land of where the first coffee beans were brewed emerge and they strive to restore Yemen's coffee trade legacy. 

 With one of the owners having had a coffee background from her father; who was a coffee bean supplier back in the early '90s, she became determined to pursue her dreams after her father's company crumbled due to the spread of "Kat," as well as the downfall of the Yemeni economy. She saw herself in the many female farmers who didn't have the resources to achieve their potential and wanted to spark a movement of women leading businesses in Yemen. After a long journey she underwent and strived through, she finally established Royal Mocha.

Royal Mocha directly purchases Red Coffee Cherries from farmers each season to offer transparency and high-quality coffee beans. 





Royal Mocha is rooted in helping females in the coffee industry, especially in a country where females aren't given equal opportunities. We work with mainly female farmers and owners to provide support to the female side of the coffee industry in Yemen (who are often discredited for their hard work). When you buy coffee from Royal Mocha, you're not only helping fight for gender equity in Yemen, you're also helping us conceive new work opportunities for women amidst the horrid civil war. At the same time, you're helping fight against Kat which is widely spread and consumed in Yemen; thus helping a third-world country's economy grow in positive ways.


So what are you waiting for? Come along with us on this journey as you sip on specialty coffee that brings forth an extraordinary domino effect.

Co-owners visiting one of the remote coffee farms in Yemen that is on top of a 2500 (masl) mountain. 

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